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Anonymous asked: *leaves three dozen roses, chocolate, and a ysl gown at your doorstep*

You’re missing Mila.

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maathatter asked: still doing the pallet challenge? felicia hardy in pallet nr. 9, PLZ <3


I tried to be a smartass with colors and failed I’M SORRY MATT

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Backdated: Birthday Drinks


Hey, you don’t know the kind of breed that comes through SHIELD. Young, eager, and smarter than probably everyone who’s worked there before. Some wash out, sure, but most stay around, always looking to jump a level or three.

Yeah, thank god for that. I’d never get any work done. [his gaze moves from her to across where the bar is, and his expression turns into a smirk] So I’d like to apologize in advance, and ask that you don’t hit me. [before she can ask why, a chorus of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sounds from the bar, and all the male staff make their way over, singing. One is carrying a little chocolate decadent cake with a single sparkler candle alit. They all surround their booth as best they can as they continue with the song. Finally, at the end, a rousing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FELICIAAAAAAA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!” before the server carrying the cake sets it down in front of her. The rest of the bar applauds and Jasper bites back his laughter]

Fine, fine, [she’s smiling, holding her hands up] I concede.

[A frown tugs at her lips] Apologise..? For wh— [her head turns in time to watch the staff come over, and for a moment, she’s extremely embarrassed, but it’s taken over by the fact that she’s incredibly…happy about it. A grin stretches across her face, laughter shaking her slight frame, and she can’t help but bite her bottom lip as if she could hold back the already bright expression.

Despite knowing that it’s a sparkler candle, she does the obligatory wish-making and takes the sparkler candle, putting it into the offered glass. The bar staff go back to their places after their thanks by the birthday girl herself who opts to lean forward, planting a kiss to the corner of Jaspers lips.] Thank you. 

[Sitting back, she smiles down at the little cake and takes the fork given to her to cut it in half, offering jasper a half] Here, we’ll split it.